Doug Warman was the architect on a large church addition project I was involved with. I can say that he has a thorough understanding of what it takes to interpret program input from a variety of groups with varied needs and create a design that meets those individual needs and weaves them together into a smooth functioning whole. In the remodel and addition he particularly showed his ability to work with many competing interests and develop a solution that was excellent for all. The finished facility with 2 phases of additions completed by Doug Warman looked as though it had all been a single project.
Wayne Amondson P.E.
Cowlitz County PUD

I have known Doug as a personal friend for over 25 years. He is a man of personal integrity, intelligence, and honesty. He has a strong work ethic and is true to his word. When it came time for me to choose an architect for my own beach house, I could have chosen any architect. I chose Doug Warman, and he did not let me down. He designed a house for a small, very tough site that maximized the views and met a multitude of needs for our multigenerational extended family. His design will serve our family for generations to come.

Doug Warman has over 25 years of experience as a registered architect. He has a variety of construction experience and has designed commercial space, offices, private schools and warehouses. Previous to becoming an architect, he worked for contractors, and has a variety of experiences in building and contracting. He not only knows how to design, he also knows how to build!
Bob Farrell
Founder of Farrell’s Restaurants

Mr. Warman is a problem solver. He was able to come up with multiple options for our remodel project that accommodated our added space needs while zoning areas so that a variety of uses could take place at once, allowing maximum use of space. He took our input and refined the design into the best overall solution.

The resulting design showed responsiveness to our desire for a solution that enhanced and complemented the existing style of our building while increasing our usable space. This was evident not only from the outside but the inside as well. The new spaces logically flow from the existing circulation paths to the new areas keeping a clear connection from one to another.

The final plans he produced were thorough with attention to detail. Connections to the existing building structure were thoroughly investigated and little was left to assumption. If a question or unexpected situation came up, as they do with all remodels he was flexible and willing to look at a variety of options and solutions. He was responsive answering questions promptly and with clarity.

He was willing to explain the what and why of things that need to be done. His experience and knowledge of the processes of construction showed through in the practical aspects of his design. It was easy to construct and keep costs under control. Through the permitting and inspection phases he showed ability to communicate with building officials to resolve questions that came up promptly and kept the project on track.

I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a well designed, thoroughly thought out solution with timely follow through for a complete job. Mr. Warman is a highly talented and capable architect I thoroughly recommend him for any services in the construction field. This includes architectural design, construction planning, project and facilities management.
Mr. Jim Buchan
President Alliance Industrial Group, Inc.




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