Feasibility Studies
Warman Architecture can review your space needs and come up with costs to construct a facility to meet those needs. If you are looking at the possibility of remodeling an existing structure I can review the costs of addressing code issues and changes to the building to serve your needs.

Site Planning
Looking at a variety of sites for your project? Have me visit the site with you and see if it will work for your needs. I can review the zoning, setbacks, easements, utility availability, site access, topography and many other relevant issues. With the information gathered a preliminary layout can be created allowing you to see how the site could work for you. Get your questions answered before you purchase.

Consulting is available to survey existing buildings, review maintenance issues and come up with solutions. Remodel ideas can be investigated for feasibility.

Preliminary Design Studies
Design studies can be generated that give you ideas for new construction, additions and remodels.CAD Drawings allow for a variety of study plans to be generated with 3-D view capability to preview what the building will look like.

Commercial Plans
Warman Architecture can provide designs for a variety of building types including Private Schools, Religious Buildings, Office, Retail, Automotive and Warehouse Spaces. If it is a remodel or addition they can document your existing building with as-built CAD plans and then layout an addition that works with and complements the existing building.

Residential Plans
Custom residential design for challenging sites is a specialty. We design residences that fulfill your space requirements with efficient layouts that develop connections and separations as needed. The plans respond to the site surroundings, views and natural light as is needed and available.

Historical Renovations & Additions
Warman Architecture can create a remodel plan or addition that complements your historical structure and it’s surroundings. Saving and upgrading our existing building inventory is the most economical and sustainable use of resources.

Tenant Improvement Plans
Looking at a space to rent? Warman Architecture can do an initial building code and municipal code study to insure it can work for your use. Once the review is complete we can plan your space and complete permit documents.

Accessibility Reviews
Have me visit the site with you and review how it performs for accessibility. I can review access from the street to and through the building. Make your facility accessible to all. If there are areas where accessibility is not up to standard solutions can be designed that bring your building up to code standards.

As-Built CAD Drawings
Have  Warman Archtiecture generate a CAD digital plan of your existing building for use in planning, facility use diagrams and marketing with
e-mailable images.

CAD Modeling
If you want a clear vision of the proposed building I can accomplish that for you with ArchiCad drawing software that I use for all construction documents. All design information is entered as 3 Dimensional objects so at any point in the process a 3-D model can be displayed that you can view from any angle.




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